Detail Team

Ebby's Auto Painting & Collision Repair provides "best in the business" detailing for every customer.

We use steam cleaning, hand washing, vacuuming, waxing, buffing and polishing to take care of all the glass & chrome, engine, wheel wells, headlamps , under body, clay bar, tires and trunk.  And that's just the outside of the vehicle! 

Inside, our efforts include flooring, carpets, seats, windows and door jams.  We vacuum, shampoo, dye carpets, condition leather and vinyl, provide Scotchguard protection, remove stains and make the windows sparkle.

Meet the team that takes a detailed approach to detailing at Ebby's!

Mick Jacobs

Title: Detailer

Mick Jacobs has only worked at Ebby's for 3 months,having won employee of the week 4 times in that short amount of time, shows his commitment for going above and beyond

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Mick Jacobs