Air Conditioning

Virginia weather can take its toll on a vehicle's air conditioning unit.  Whether your ride's AC was damaged in an accident or simply requires a thorough examination, Ebby's Auto Painting & Collision Repair in Williamsburg is fully equipped to help you travel in comfort again.

There are a lot of factors to consider in diagnosing and fixing an automotive air conditioner.  Compressors ... condensers ... evaporators ... recievers & dryers ... expansion valves .. refrigerant.  Add in fuses, belts, wires and switches and its understandable why it's important to have a certified specialist working under your hood.

On Ebby's Body Shop Team, every body technician is I-CAR Gold Certified.  We're well trained and experienced -- guaranteeing that your AC job will done right the first time. Ebby's also has state-of-the-art recycling and recovery equipment and the ability to convert R12 refridgerant to more environmentally-friendly 134A.