The Process

At Ebby's Auto Painting & Collision Repair, we know getting your vehicle fixed can be a stressful and potentially frustrating time.  We do our best to keep you updated on our progress on a regular basis and we're always available to answer any questions you may have.

Sometimes it can be hard to understand how the body repair process and timeline work.  We hope this 8 point step-by-step explanation will be helpful to you.


1. Our experienced team of estimators will determine the likely cost to repair your vehicle.  We'll explain our diagnosis to you in detail, tell you our proposed course of action and answer any questions  you might have.  Once we’ve evaluated the magnitude of the damage, we will also be able to provide an estimate for the amount of time it will take to complete the repair.  We’ll get your authorization, put your vehicle onto the calendar and order the vehicle-specific parts needed to make the repairs.  

2. Once the estimate is complete and you've filed your claim, we follow up with the insurance company on your behalf.  Our trained and experienced office personnel know the ins and outs of individual insurance companies' policies and paperwork.  We can even negotiate terms for you.

3. When the parts arrive, we can really get to work!  We take your vehicle apart and inspect it closely for any additional damage.  In the event we discover hidden damages, we will need to contact you to revise and approve the authorization form.  If necessary, we’ll order additional parts to make the repair and revise the timeline for job completion.

4. The first areas we focus on are body and structural repairs.  This can include alignment, suspension and air conditioning work.  Occasionally welding is involved.   If need be, we’ll add new panels to your car or truck.  We have certified mechanics and state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to make sure we do the job right. Then, we apply primer, sealant and corrosion protection.

5. Next, we pressure wash and chemically clean your vehicle, so that it has a totally clean surface for painting.  We follow that with priming and sealing, then extensive taping and masking, so that there is no possibility of accidental spraying in unwanted areas.

6. In the actual painting process, Ebby’s uses the latest technology to deliver a great outcome.  Computerized paint mixing and digital photography, plus every aspect and type of painting leads to a pre-accident look for every customer.

7. After the painting stage, we do final reassembly, inspection, cleaning and washing.  Our goal is to have the vehicle returned to you in as close to “like new” condition as possible.

8. Finally, we’ll contact you and let you know your vehicle is ready for pick-up.

If you're anywhere in the Williamsburg area and have been involved in an accident, please drop your vehicle off at Ebby's to receive an estimate and get on the path to pre-accident recovery.  Or call us at 757-220-0695, or Contact Us For An Estimate, to get the process started.